Sunday, August 1, 2010

1st review

Review Date:14.7.2010
Review Panel: Geetu, Nandini, Sabina
Project: To design a brand identity for Keystone Foundation for the forest produce they sell

Following are the main points of feedback received:

The first visit to Kotagiri

- getting acquainted with the organization, their requirements and the product(honey) range(some things that don't work in the existing labels), visit to the bee museum


Next visit to Kotagiri
- interact with the people involved in the actual production process to understand the historical, cultural context of the product

-get some material like photographs and illustrations which can be directly used on the labels

- hold a workshop with them to get their perspective on identity

- visit the Nilgiri library in Ooty to get more information

 -visit modern stores which also sell local produce to assess the local market and competition

Discussion about brand loyalty, and how sometimes packaging is used as a compensation for poor quality
Research about work of artists to get their perspective of the forest

Try and develop a simple research system/process for the organization which can be used in the future for similar work

The need for hierarchy in the information provided in any piece of communication

Market research to understand the consumer psyche and their connection to the brand.

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