Friday, August 6, 2010

2nd Diploma Review

Following were the main points of discussion:
Discussion about my last visit and information gathered
Implications of my insights should be thought about and worked on
After working on general implications, narrow them down to implications for design
After a discussion about the story behind the entire process of honey hunting, extraction, packaging, it was suggested I use the story in some form for the branding like photography illustration, comic strips.
Examples like Anokhi were brought to my notice where they use screen printing and illustrate their entire process in the form of illustrations.
Look up different printing techniques, and ideate form there as well.
Also think about the materials to be used.
Use the clips from the honey hunting movie as inspirations for iterations.
The risks involved should be highlighted, and their belief in the process including the rituals should be integrated in some manner.
Initial iterations shouldn’t aim at being finished iterations but a lot of rough ideas which can later be narrowed down and finished.

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