Sunday, August 1, 2010

Other Tribal groups in the Nilgiris...

1.        Badagas

 The Badagas are indigenous people inhabiting the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu. The term 'Badagu' in old Tamil means 'North', so 'Badaga' should mean 'Northener'. They form the largest community in the Nilgiri region, with a population of approximately 350,000 encompassing some 370-odd villages and smaller settlements. They are most likely Dravidian by descent and they are by religion, hindus of the Saiva sect. They are agricultural people and by far the most numerous and wealthy of the hilly area people. Many have relocated to towns and cities of the region, and earn income from urban-style employment.

2.      Paniyans 

Paniyans(which literally means "workers" in local usage) are found in Gudalur  taluk and  many more in Kerala. They are scattered throughout Gudalur Taluk and are one of the most backward tribal communities. Under an age old system,  most of the  Paniyans  were  working  under  local  land  owners for  low  wages with little and no liberty to work for others for competitive wages. 

 After Independence, however, majority of the Paniyans broke away from their masters and started working as casual agricultural labourers,  bamboo cutters and estate labourers. The Paniyans, by and large, live in poverty irrespective of whether they are bonded or not.

3.      Kattunayakans

This   tribal   community  is  also  found  only  in   Gudalur   Taluk,  they  are  like Paniyans,   farm labourers   and   their  condition   is  no  better  than,  of   Paniyans.

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