Monday, August 2, 2010

Market Research in Ooty

After going through most of the shops selling local brands as well as bigger brands in Ooty, these are the main points that caught my attention:

 -Most of the local products like tea, forest oil, honey, spices etc. have very low key/localised packaging.
-That kind of branding/packaging probably works in the local market better, because people identify with them more and they seem more authentic as compared to the the bigger brands.
-But the existing Last Forest packaging fails to gain attention on a shelf beside other bigger honey brands.
-The local market, including the Green shops have regular customers which are locals, but to reach out to the bigger audience which also includes the tourists since they are all situated amongst the hills, Last Forest as a brand has to become louder and more prominent.
-But while doing that, I also have to keep in mind that a large part of the audience is the locals including the communities, and for them to be loyal to the brand and still identify with it, it has to retain their values and identity.

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