Monday, August 2, 2010

Beginning of ideation

What doesn’t work in the existing branding/ what needs to be included in the new branding:


As a name, Last Forest sounds emotionally strong and appealing, but the visual doesn’t convey the same message.
There is so much history, culture, traditional values behind the whole process of honeyhunting, but the existing packaging doesn’t do justice to the story behind it.
The risk factor of honey hunting is not known to many people, it can be a strong point
The entire process from honey hunting to the marketing of bottled honey is done locally, which can be a selling point for locals.
There is a lot of information that can be included, but hierarchy of information has to be paid attention to in order to hold the customer’s attention.
The completely different categories of the target audiences have to be given priority to, it has to expand to getting the tourist’s and bigger brand buying consumers’ attention and at the same time maintain the locals’ trust and confidence. So, it has to change in such a way that both the purposes are served.

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