Friday, August 6, 2010

Feedback from Kruti

In a lot of cases the name of the company does half the job of communicating the message, like in Airtel, you know when you hear the name that it is a telecommunication company, but in other cases the name only gives a feel of the product, and in these cases the logo also has to work equally hard to communicate what the brand is about. 
In this case the name being Last Forest is already doing half the job, it has a strong emotional value to it and tells you that the brand is about forests and focuses at the extinction of forest life. So the logo should not work so hard, instead it should be soft

-They sell romantic stuff, and not essentials, so no hard selling

-simple/ pleasing to look at

-The fact they work towards the sustainable livelihood of the indigenous people living in the Nilgiris should be highlighted

-And also the fact they are doing so while preserving the eco-system should be highlighted

-Since the name is already contributing to the graveness of the cause, design has to inject the feel good factor in the brand.

-The audience should feel happy looking at it and feel like they are being a part of it/contributing to the cause- it should be sweet and bring a smile on the audience’s face.

-Words like comfort, caring , nurturing should be used to ideate.

-While ideating for the Branding, products should not be thought about so much as much as the bigger picture, right now the macro point of view has to be focused at

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