Monday, August 2, 2010

Keystone’s inputs/essentials for brand building

Meeting with the organization representatives- Mr Mathew John and Sneh

The Keystone office

 Points covered
-The value and importance of last forest as a brand should be reflected through the branding, should be a priority
-their cultural/traditional values should be reflected( bee songs,  sacred groves)
-them being indigenous people always takes a backseat, which shouldn’t happen this time
-biodiversity, organic
-material used for the packaging should also reflect the same values
-Main attention: biodiversity and forest people
-Socially relevant cause, the organization’s support to them for a sustainable economy should also be paid attention to
-Local Processing and value addition
-the need to build the local market (apart from the indigenous crowd)
-suggestion made to include applications and effects of the product in the packaging

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